Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dream catching

Summer brings heat and rain and love. Long car rides windows down, the smell of salt in the air as we follow the path of the setting sun, speeding because we can't keep the joy in one spot. The air is fresh-washed, scrubbed clean by the downpour, sparkling clean for the sun and almost electric; it tingles when I breathe it into my lungs

This weekend was fleeting moments with old friends and realizing that the scariest thing of all is that we're growing up. Realizing that the tomorrow which seemed so far away when we dreamed as children has finally gotten here. We have become our dreams

(photos 1 & 2 from here , 3 by the talented ThankeeSai)


  1. So true! I used to wish so hard that I was grown up and could do things like drive and go out with friends by myself and now I realise it's all here and not quite what I thought it would be! Thanks for putting into words what we're all thinking:)

  2. I wonder if we really ever grow up. I think I shall always feel a little like a child, and always think that my things have feelings.
    Beautiful photographs, especially the first one...