Thursday, May 27, 2010

salt and lavender

Woke this morning before the blackbird sang to walk by the sea no soul in sight just the wet on the grass and clouds pressing close. Summer shifts the winds and blows salt through my hair, so happy to be free she flirts and teases and weeps for joy. My hair curls in the damp, tossed and tumbled and blown awry, I must find a hat before the sun comes back.

Went to school looking like a wild child, the smell of the ocean on my skin. The day calls for lavender tea and a spot in the corner chair with pages to turn. Today I'm dreaming of loves lost at sea and girls with tousled curls who wait in white in the cellophane rain, and soldiers with straight backs and bright eyes who smell of tobacco and salt air.

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  1. Wow...How do you imagine such beautiful things? Your blog is so refreshing to the soul, my dear xo