Monday, May 17, 2010

tea and longing

Dear Teddy Bear,

         Yesterday at the tea party I was very glad you came. I wasn't going to go, I usually don't have dresses fine enough for company, but yesterday I curled my hair and put on my best frock and sat up straight at the table like a real lady. Like Alice does when she is taken down off the shelf for tea in her velvet gown and best Sunday bonnet. I see the way you look at her and I don't blame you, she's beautiful with her blonde ringlets all swept up fashionably and her necklace of real pearls- I know they're real because I asked her once. What could I ever have that would tempt you from her perfection, even though I know in my sawdust heart I am the one you were meant for? But yesterday, when we were seated next to each other (maybe you had been poured one too many cups of tea) you slumped over against my arm and laid there for a long moment. I loved the way your black button eyes shone up at me and although you were righted rather quickly, I can still feel your soft weight on my arm. I know I only have yarn for hair and Alice tells the toy soldiers about all the sweet things you do for her, but I think you could love me too. And I think you think it too.

                                               Love, The Little Rag Doll from Across the Room


  1. ohh you are too adorable for words! i love that little post you did about words and letters to crushes below.

  2. Thankyou so much for your comment! Your blog is so delightful and other words really:) I love how it makes you escape from reality for just a moment into a world that you can only dream about!