Wednesday, June 9, 2010

winding time

I'm so sorry I haven't posted for a while and probably won't for a bit- the days are getting longer but as the sun heats the Earth it spins the world faster it seems... Graduation is coming up and I'm scrambling, finishing reports and a single thesis, trying to find words that mean something and arrange them in an original pattern but they keep skittering off across the floor. Must tie them down one day... just another task to add to the growing list.
I'll be back as soon as possible and back in my right mind once a proper amount of sleep has combed everything back into place, but for now, I'll leave you with some pictures that have been on my mind, a lot of love, and this beautiful song


  1. What beautiful, beautiful photographs!

  2. The most gorgeous Photos!! :)

  3. WOW!!! These photos are stunning!! I especially love the typewriter for some reason:) I hope your graduation goes smashingly xo

  4. oh my! this post is quite simply, lovely. what pretty photos! x

  5. beautiful photos! and good luck with finishing everything up for graduation! I'm planing to post a tuturial soon(it probably won't be for a week though) but it will happen! :)
    love, Clara

  6. i adore the light in that first photo. so lovely + sweet.


    xo Alison

  7. everything about this post is beautiful. I am only reiterating what others have said before me; but I adore each and every photo - there is this sense of wild nostalgia about them all.