Monday, January 25, 2010


it rained today and the library leaked. my mind leaked too a little, but the windows sprang open and the wind carried the sea. the downpour was incredible, the world turned white from pelting rain. did you know that the Earth's rotation slows a little each year from Dust in the atmosphere? one day it will stop entirely. we would spend six months in darkness and six months in light. from something as tiny as specks of Dust.

I ran up to the third floor of the school today and climbed out the window onto the roof. you can see the sea and the smell hit me harder than the droplets of rain and the wind caught my hair and tried to run away with it. the clouds tossed and turned but I hid behind the bell tower and nobody saw me in the midst of the tempest. it was easing up out over the water and patchy sunlight struck the waves, sending up a brilliant, blinding light. I was safe until the sun struck me. then I got down and went to class.

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