Wednesday, September 22, 2010

it started quietly

It's difficult to get used to the turning here, and I'm very sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm starting to settle in. Time is changeable, you know? But I get to see the sun rise over the valley each morning. Nevermind the early wakeup.

I like morning times because they are quiet.  Nights are loud and bright with possibility and silver and hope. But mornings are still, as if the world is still remembering how to fill the place with sound.  the world is bigger in the mornings- emptier. Nights are close, but in the morning the atmosphere is stretched out and clean. And if you have time to sit and watch it fill up with a cup of coffee while it cools enough for you to gulp down, well then. So much the better.


  1. yup... nothing like the bliss of early morn! Nicely said!:)

  2. So true!! Have I ever told you I love that photo of the man with the birds? I have the feeling I have but I just love itmore every time I see it:) xo