Friday, March 26, 2010


As a child what did you believe?
Did you hold conversations with the bathroom towels or nod to the teacups as you passed by so they wouldn't feel slighted by your attention to the drinking glasses?
Made sure to whisper to every piece of furniture in your bedroom that you loved it just the same as all the other pieces?
I never spoke to the monsters under the bed. I knew they were there, but I'd jump fast into bed so they couldn't catch my ankles as I brought them up under the covers.
The jealous teacups don't speak anymore, but sometimes I still give them a nod as I pass.

Just to let them know I think of them.

(Photos by the talented Annelie Solis and from here)


  1. What a wonderful post... never worry about the tea cups, just give them some good tea leaves and whisper them your secrets and they'll tell you stories in return

  2. these pictures are so cute and i used to kiss every single one of my teddy bears so none of them would feel un-loved :) oh and I'm following you now :p

    xx. A

  3. i did, i did.
    beautiful photos.

  4. This is so cute!!

    All of the photos on your blog are adorable


  5. what a pretty blog! i LOVE the photo of the little sheet-house in the woods, so cute! :)

    and if you get the time, feel free to check out my bloggage...