Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wake up now

Come on summer, I know you now, you know I know
Silly lazy, come along now, it's time to get going and lie down now

It's time to put the leaves back on the trees and that perfume on the breeze
And at the end of the day you can stretch out so nice and long that everything turns orange
Wouldn't you like to have a picnic on the shore with me?
Warm up the rocks, lets go- we're so long overdue

 (I don't know all the wonderful photographers whose pictures these are, but can't you just taste summer on your skin?)


  1. your blog is full of beautiful photos (have i said that yet?)...and these ones & your words make me desire summer. perhaps i'll dream of summer tonight...

  2. you have a great blog- some lovely pictures!
    if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks :)