Tuesday, February 16, 2010

postacards from far away

The clouds came and swept me up, I am alone; I am safe. The sky tried to protect me, sending down bits and bits of snowy ashes- cover me up, protect me from the day. The wind howls to drive away, to scare anything that would harm me. I am safe. I am bright. I am full of light. She takes me and keeps me warm and I know what it means to be chosen for this, I don't take it lightly. When the days turn to rust red and the fences fall and stars turn to dust and blow away leaving empty dark, I will remember this morning of perfect white. this purity. Did guitars ever sound so sweet? This morning when the absence was not but a whole. I do this for me now.

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would it help if i spoke of someone else?

{enter little brother} looks like it's time to wake up

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