Thursday, December 17, 2009

that last bit

What an awful day.
It was one of those where you just don't have any more strength when you come through at the end. You try and try and you give it all you've got and then you give just a bit more and it's that last part that kills you.

It's one of those where your heart is far too worn out for emotions. It says hush now, go away for a bit and let me sleep.
shhh shhh, quiet a bit longer dear heart, just stay a bit longer.

"You can do nothing more for me. You stupid tenacious child, don't you see? You can't fix this like one of your clocks that you pull apart and fiddle with until they chime again!"
In a breath it looked to his eyes as if she deflated. Head still held high, she was smaller, something delicate to be blown away by an impatient sweep of the eyes. She shuddered

"But you said- you told me... You said." her m
outh accused
"I lied. Don't you see? It was a dream- nothing more"

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  1. oh, I hope things get better for you dear! maybe some more pointe shoe talk will help things look better. :) most of the girls at my studio use the russian pointes as well, I think that's probably what I'll use once I've killed these. :) I hope the sky get's brighter for you!